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Reggae Britannia Concert celebrates multiculturalism

Last Saturday's performance at "Reggae Britannia" was a highlight of my week. It is not every day that what happens between performers and audience so clearly undermines the keynote speech of a British Prime Minister. But it happened last Saturday during a three hour performance at the Barbican in London. , On 5th March 2011 David Cameron pompously declared "multiculturalism dead", on the very day that he knew the reviled racist English Defence League was marching in Luton. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He would have found quite the opposite if he had bought himself a ticket to come to the Reggae Britannia celebration. A cross section of society listened in rapt awe as artists such as Dave Barker, Big Youth, Ken Boothe, Ali Campbell, Brinsley Forde & Janet Kay and Carroll Thompson, plus me and my good friend Neville Staple played a diverse set culled from the very best of our careers. This cross over reggae music has been 40 or more years in the making and any fool can see that celebrating our unity as well as our differences is the way forward. Well everybody except the cronies who rule the country and support racist bully-boys!

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