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The Mighty Sounds Festival 2010 in Tabor, Czech Republic was a blast last weekend. Here are a few images and photos from Sunday 18th July 2010. Highlight of my day was seeing Third World.
Mighty Sounds Festival
Stage Running Order
Mighty Sounds Festival
The Audience
Mighty Sounds Festival
Pauline Black & fan immediately post gig, hence the big smiles
Mighty Sounds Festival
Mighty Sounds 2010 | 18.07.2010 - Nedele / Letiste Capuv Dvur, Tabor |


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Record Collector magazine interview with Pauline Black aug 2010


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Pauline Black band @ Shed Weekender 2010

Shed Weekender 16th July 2010

Had a great time at the Shed Weekender scooter rally last Friday 16th July in Peterborough. the organisers did us proud with backstage and onstage facilities. It was great to play new songs alongside some old Selecter favourites and have them equally appreciated by the audience.
My new band is excellent and great fun to be around.
A fan posed me on his Lambretta after the gig.

Pauline Black
Photo by:Terry Button


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Pauline Black Interview with Marc Wasserman

It is a rare treat for someone to ask for an interview and then for them to come up with good original questions rather than the "what's it like to be in a ska band?" variety. Marc Wasserman is that someone and here is an interview that I did for him a few weeks ago. Click on the link in the title, which takes you to his very own excellent marcoonthebass.blogspot.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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Welcome to the Blackblog!

I would like to welcome those of you who have a passing interest in what I or the Selecter are doing in 2010 & beyond. The year has slipped past very quickly and in three months time, Gaps Hendrickson & I (and hopefully some others from the original line-up) will have done their first show together to celebrate "30 years of our debut album Too Much Pressure" at the "Sinner's Day Festival" in Belgium, just prior to our London show on Nov 13th @ The Bloomsbury Ballroom. I thought it might be fun to share the process of how these initial performances will come together with interested fans. The course of The Selecter has rarely run smoothly, so I'm sure that there will be a story or two to tell. I'm hoping Gaps will consent to an interview about his involvement in the shows too.
In my solo capacity, I have quite a few festivals in the UK and Europe booked over the summer period, in which I'm hoping to hone a set which includes old & new songs, some borrowed and some blue songs. For me, it is exciting to be back on stage with an all-new 6 piece band, complete with a two saxophone horn section, playing some of my favourite songs to those fans that have stuck with me over the past 30 years. I have always tried not to be pigeon-holed by the ska scene, but instead try and push the musical boundaries into the complementary fields of reggae, blues, soul, rocksteady and even acoustic. If nothing else it makes for a more interesting set. At the moment I'm having great fun singing a reggae version of that Burt Bacharach classic "Alfie". For me this is the best time yet.


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